Steel edge retainer - perfect use of rigidline

Build yourself a garden bed for some DIY fun!

Looking for a fun backyard DIY project to tackle? Building a garden bed could be the go! Get out of the house and into the fresh air, whilst creating a lasting reason to go out there more often. Plus, if you use the garden bed to grow your own veggies, you won’t have to worry about how supermarket stocks are affected by panic buying. It’s a win win!

Building a garden bed is super easy with Straightcurve products. First, you need to decide what you’re building that garden bed for. Here are some garden bed project ideas and the Straightcurve products that are best suited for the job.

Veggie patch

Fresh food on tap, what’s not to love? Growing your own veggies is easier than you might think and there’s something really rewarding about picking vegetables out of your garden to eat. The freshness also means high nutrient density in the vegetables so you’re getting more bang for your buck there too. If you feel like veggies might be too much of a commitment, herb gardens are super useful and require a lot less maintenance.

There are a couple of ways to approach building a garden bed for vegetables with Straightcurve products.


Planter boxes

The simplest choice is to go with one of our raised planter boxes. You can opt for the fixed height or varied height, though the varied height would be better suited if you want to build your garden bed nice and high. The panels lengths allow for either a square or rectangular shape to suit your preferences.

Above ground Rigidline or Flexline

If you want more flexibility with the size or shape of your garden bed the above ground solutions are the way to go. Rigidline (coming soon) will give you those dead straight line and Flexline would be ideal if you wanted a more o