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What makes Straightcurve so unique?


Because it lasts

We strive to maximise the longevity of our garden bed edging products. Our galvanised steel garden edging products have the thickest possible coating that we guarantee for 15 years but will most likely last more than 100 years depending on your local conditions. Our weathering landscape steel is guaranteed for 10 years but will most likely last for more than 40 years. We are very proud of our achievements so far but are always looking for ways to increase the lifespan of our landscape barrier products even more.


Raised garden bed edging for your property

At Straightcurve, we assist landscapers with business training, social media training and free engineering consults. We help people in our extended team to develop their own purpose and find fulfilment in the things they do. We love connecting with the people around us, creating the most amazing connections with everyone we meet. Of course, we also focus on creating the best possible solutions for garden bed edging products to make installation fun & easy with a guaranteed professional look.


The ideal edging for creating a custom garden

Our flexible edging, that we refer to as Flexline, is so flexible and easy to work with that your only limitation is your own imagination. It gives when it needs to give and flows effortlessly. This may sound obvious but it’s a unique quality that sets us apart from others. No other metal edging product flexes so evenly, giving a perfect result every time with so little effort.


Steel garden edging products, Australia wide

It doesn’t matter where you live, we always deliver. Either through a stockist, or if there isn’t one near you, by truck. As a matter of fact, if you order over $500 worth of garden edges, we deliver our steel landscape borders for free! Anywhere! Really? Yes! You want to know how we do that? We charge a tiny little bit extra on edging sold in the cities. That goes towards a fund that allows us to ship to the remote areas as well.

The Straightcurve product brochure covers the full range of products in detail.

About Us

We dedicate ourselves to designing strong, lasting edges that suit any garden.

We have dedicated ourselves to developing the best possible edging solutions that are DIY friendly and meet the requirements of high-end landscaping companies. But most importantly, we focus on connections. How we join two edges but also the team we work with. We love bringing people together and drive them to perform at the highest possible level. Many solutions aren’t that user friendly, but most people discover that after they’ve bought them. We use the most cost-effective manufacturing techniques; our products are almost entirely CNC made (computer-controlled manufacturing). Not only does that reduce cost, it also guarantees that each product is made with a tolerance of no more than +/- 0.1mm. This means that precision is assured so your products will always fit!

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